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If you are looking to get online learning courses for preparation of exam-IITJEE/NEET then our portal PhysicsGuru is available. We offer complete course, corresponding module and lessons on topic Vectors.
The first module highlights the concept of basics of Vectors. It basically explains theory and concept of vectors. It highlights and explains different types of vectors. It explains rectangular components of 2D and 3D vector along with theory and examples.
The second module highlights the concept of Vector Addition and Subtraction. It explains how different vectors can be added and subtracted in physics by adopting different laws. It basically explains 3 laws for this. They are: Triangle Law of Vector Addition, Parallelogram Law of Vector Addition, Polygon Law of Vector Addition and Subtraction. All these mentioned laws are explained with enough diagrammatical representation, derivation and examples. By this way, it will give you complete idea of how vectors are added and subtracted.
The third module highlights the understanding of Vector Multiplication. After knowing that how vectors are added and subtracted, it is essential to understand vector multiplication for further vector calculations. It explains Scalar Product or DOT Product, Vector Product or Cross Product. It outlines the cases when to use scalar product and when to use Vector product, how to use it along with derivations and examples.
The fourth module outlines the concept of Vector Advance. It explains Equilibrium of Forces, when different forces are acting on a body. It explains the corresponding vector behaviour and calculation. This module also explains Lami’s Theorem Relative Velocity with theory, proof and examples.