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We’re education reformers.

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Physics Guru was built to help you find online courses, gain and increase your skills and prove your worth to Students and Employers. Call it a public service, call it amazing – we call it transforming education. Online courses empower you to build foundations of knowledge that help propel you further professionally and personally. That’s transformative. PhysicsGuru curates the abundance of online and alternative education sources to help build a bridge between education and actual job skills. From Basics to Research—our catalogue of the world’s best online courses is growing daily.

“We love being able to provide you with alternative educational opportunities. These courses can be fun, challenging, interesting and sometimes free—but most importantly, they can provide true return on your investment of both time and money.”

Our Services

Online Quizzes

Online Tests helps Individuals to have their skills evaluated, make right Learning decisions and showcase their talent in competitive Exams.

  • Test & Evaluate your Skills as per the  Requirement
  • Identify Strengths & Areas of Improvement to Achieve Excellence
  • Explore Quizzes that Match your Learning Objectives and Interest
  • Showcase Online Score to Your Parents and Mentors.
  • Comprehensive Skill Analysis Report
  • View Results Online and in Real Time


Quesfie is a Trademark of PhysicsGuru, It is a method of submitting a Question for clearing the doubts by clicking the picture of the Question from the study material and sending it directly to the Gurus. The Whole process does not require any typing or data entry therefore a novoice can also submit his doubts instantly by using a smart phone.

“Its a Selfie of a Question”

Complex Mathematical Questions involving equations and Figures can be just posted as a doubt on the click of a button.


Correspondence Courses

Correspondence courses are really in demand nowadays especially by people who want to acquire education but are very busy to go to formal institutions or schools. Of course, education, whether by residential or through correspondence courses is considered very important in this advanced, industrialized society.  Oxford dictionary defines education as an “enlightening process”, “the process of receiving and giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.” However, such a course changes the traditional perception of education. Correspondence courses break the barriers and limitations to people by providing content that is beneficial, cheap, and very enthralling.

Knowledge Base

It’s true that knowledge gives students something to think about, but a reading of the research literature from cognitive science shows that knowledge does much more than just help students hone their thinking skills: It actually makes learning easier. Knowledge is not only cumulative, it grows exponentially. Those with a rich base of factual knowledge find it easier to learn more—the rich get richer. In addition, factual knowledge enhances cognitive processes like problem solving and reasoning. The richer the knowledge base, the more smoothly and effectively these cognitive processes—the very ones that teachers target—operate. So, the more knowledge students accumulate, the smarter they become. We’ll begin by exploring how knowledge brings more knowledge and then turn to how knowledge improves the quality and speed of thinking.